Best in Flow Award



The Black Joy Parade "Best of Flow” award was developed to reward individuals, groups, and local organizations for bringing all their Black Joy to the streets to share and inspire others to find their joy.

A total of $10,000 will be divided equally among the winners of four categories:

  • Best Choreography: Includes things like dance routines, step shows, and creative struts.

  • Best Outfit: Includes costumes, props, makeup, etc. Be bold and dress to impress!

  • Best Ride: Includes things like cars, bikes, motorcycles, and floats. Basically, anything with wheels!

  • Best Overall: Awarded to the individual, group, or organization that brings the most overall creativity and joy to the Black Joy Parade procession. The winner of this award does not have to qualify for any of the other 3 categories.


Qualifying participants include individuals, community/religious/school groups, and local non-profits. We will not consider any party representing a corporation, political organization, or business of any size.

Participants can vary in size from individuals to small and large groups.

Participants must be officially registered for Black Joy Parade. If you are not yet registered, please do so here.

Participants must travel the entire length of the parade route from start to finish.


All four categories will be judged by members of the local Black community. Judges will be appointed by Black Joy Parade team and include both men and women across multiple sectors.