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Short Description

Black Joy Parade is a hyper-positive, family-friendly turn up that celebrates the Black experience and our community's contribution to cultures past, present and future



If Black History Month were a sentence, The Black Joy Parade is its exclamation mark. Each February, on the last Sunday of the month, this parade and festival wraps a bow around the month-long observance of excellence in African American culture. Created for the community and executed by a small group of passionate volunteers, The Black Joy Parade is truly a labor of love. The brain child of Founder Elisha Greenwell, the Black Joy Parade exists to open-up a space for hyper positivity, creativity, heart-warming experiences and Joy.


Elisha Greenwell is a Northern California native and 13-year advertising vet. She is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Business Economics and Creative Writing, and the Academy of Art University with an M.F.A in Advertising Strategy. Throughout her career she has developed award-winning brand strategy for companies such as Intel, Nike, Target and Starbucks. In 2017, Elisha joined Facebook to help lead brand reputation strategy. She is also a board member for the JD Sheth Foundation, and the founder of Black Joy Parade, a celebration of the Black experience and its influence on cultures past, present and future.


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You can use our logo, flyers and branding where you have the right to do so, but please don’t do anything that could be considered misleading - that includes altering our logo or combining them with any other graphics, or implying endorsement from or a partnership with Black Joy Parade without written consent from us.